Welcome to St Johns Pre-School

St Johns Pre-School has been offering the chance to learn through play for over thirty years. The group was set up by a group of parents to provide play opportunities for their children, and in doing so started a community enterprise that has thrived ever since.
In addition to providing a top quality pre-school experience for thousands of children and giving them a good start for the rest of their educational careers, many parents have found benefits themselves.


We hope you find the same, other parents to talk to about the joys and practical difficulties of bringing up small children, social events within pre-school, training, work experience and possibly even employment.

This website can’t tell you everything about our pre-school, but we hope it will be an introduction to the pre-school, so that you know where you can ask for any other information you need Please do ask, we are constantly seeking to improve the pre-school for our children and their families. If there is anything that you feel ought to be included in this booklet, do let the committee know.

We hope your child's time with us will be a happy one!


The Management Committee

The pre-school is a registered charity run by a management committee chosen by our parents, for the families in th locality. All parents can attend meetings and can join the management committee, which is elected each year at the AGM in November. Minutes of the meetings are available and the main decisions are reported in a newsletter. Don’t be daunted by all this: the collected wisdom and experience of many years is written down in policies and practices of the pre-school.

We have strong links with the Toddler Group that meets each Monday and Thurday morning in the Parish Centre. Many of the children who attend our pre-school go on to St Johns School, of which we have strong links, most fridays some of our children attend the school assembly: and the reception class teacher visits pre-school.

The children make regular visits around the local community e.g shops, library, art gallery, the church and their own allotment plot.
On these outings we often need additional help from parents to provide the close supervision necessary when walking alongside busy roads. We also invite members of the local community into pre-school to talk to the children e.g dentist, health visitor, MP, fire brigade and the vicar.
Do you know any farmers or engine drivers?

Pre-school has policies on a number of other issues. On one of your first sessions your key worker will have shown you our policy guidelines on all aspects of pre-school life. These are available for you to read, along with a number of Alliance publications and long term plannings details on the notice board. If you are not happy what has happened at pre-school please tell someone! Any problems can usually be resolved quickly if we know about it. Please tell a member of staff if you feel able, or a member of the committee. The matter will be discussed at the next meeting, if it has not already been resolved.

St Johns Pre-School is registered by Ofsted to provide sessional daycare, enabling pre-school to offer free child places to children from the term after they are 3. You can view our most recent full inspection report on the ofsted website