The Curriculum

We offer the children a wide variety of play activities to enable the children to learn through play. Our curriculum follows the early years foundation stage principles enabling the children to achieve the Early Learning Goals by the end of their reception year in school. Whilst some play experiences are available everyday, the children are also introduced to a wide variety of other learning opportunities.

The programme of activities is planned by the staff team with guidance from a teacher provided by the LEA. The long and medium planning is available on the notice board and the short term plans within the playroom. Please take a look. We also provide information of activities planned so that you, as parents, can think of any resources, ideas or stories you may have to contribute in keeping with the theme. We welcome all suggestions, even if we don’t use them immediately. This is the beauty of being a community group, we know that many of our parents have special expertise that they can share with us.
Daily Programme

Each session begins with the register and a chance for the children to share any news they have with each other. The leader explains what is the focus of the days play. Around 10.00am the children break from play to have milk/water and a healthy snack.
The session ends with a large group activity, singing or a story. During the session your child will have the choice to work in small groups with others, independently with thier keyworker or other staff in small or large groups.
Messy Play

We encourage children to explore and learn from different materials, paint, dough, glue and clay. Invariably the children do get messy. Although we do encourage the children to wear aprons, they do not prevent accidents. Please do not send children in thier best clothes to pre-school. Whenever accidents do occur you will be pleased to know all the paint, felt tips and glue used is washable, soak in cold water first if there is any doubt.
pic16 Encouraging Creativity “Works of Art”

We support and encourage children in their activities but we resist the temptation to be over helpful.
This means that their works of art are all their own work. Sometimes these may look to an adult rather messy, but the child has spent time and care with colours and textures etc.
It is their master piece. Please remember this and always praise your childs achievement. It is their work not ours. Work is handed out at the end of each session.
St Johns Pre-School is registered by Ofsted to provide sessional daycare, enabling pre-school to offer free child places to children from the term after they are 3. You can view our most recent full inspection report on the ofsted website